Southampton Veterinary Clinic

26292 Delaware Road
Franklin, VA 23851







Grooming is by appointment only.  Grooming prices depend on the size of the dog or cat, the condition they are in, and how long it takes the groomer to groom the dog or cat.  Grooming includes a hair cut, bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning.  Grooming appointments are only made on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 


For bathing and grooming, Rabies and Bordetella (Kennel cough) need to be up to date.  If Southampton Veterinary Clinic is not your veterinary clinic, then proof of vaccinations are required.  If you do not have proof of vaccination, then we reserve the right to vaccinate your pet.  




Please call ahead for an appointment. Bathing includes a bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning.  Bathing appointments can be made on most days of the week.