Southampton Veterinary Clinic

26292 Delaware Road
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We also have a Boarding, Grooming, and Gift Shop located in a state of the art facility behind Southampton Veterinary Clinic. 



Our state of the art facility offers spacious indoor/outdoor runs for our canine friends.  We also have smaller suites that can be reserved for smaller dogs.  Our separate cat room offers peace and tranquility for our feline friends.  During their stay, your pet can receive special play time or a walk for an additional cost.  At night, they are lulled to sleep by music.  You can bring toys, beds, blankets, and food to make them feel more at home, or we are also happy to provide these things for you.  We provide a dry diet for both cats and dogs.  We can provide canned food upon request at an additional cost.  If your pet requires a special diet due to Diabetes, or other health issues, or if your pet is on a prescription diet, puppy food, or senior food, you will need to provide your pet's food.  If your pet is on any medications, then you will also need to provide these as well.  We will do our best to return all items you bring for your pet, but we are not held responsible for misplaced or damaged belongings.  Reservations are required for boarding.  


Upon admission to the kennel, all pets will be checked for fleas, if your pet has fleas, they will be given a Capstar tablet, which kills fleas within 1 hour.  There is an additional cost associated with this service, but is required to maintain a flea-free kennel.


All vaccinations must be current.  If Southampton Veterinary Clinic is not your veterinary clinic, then proof of current vaccinations is required.


Required vaccines for dogs are as follows: Rabies, DHLPP&C, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Flu vaccines.


Required vaccines for cats are as follows: Rabies, Felovac, or FVRCP, and Bordetella vaccines.


Southampton Veterinary Clinic reserves the right to vaccinate any animal whose vaccine history is not on record.  Please understand this is for the protection of all pets in our care.


A complimentary bath will be given to your pet after a continuous stay of five nights or more with us.  Cats will receive a bath only when requested and provided they are cooperative.  Complimentary baths do NOT include a nail trim.